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This poem is about what Hope means to me and how it keeps me going. My definition of Hope.

Where I’m from

“Where I’m from” was first written by George Ella Lyons and ever since then many have composed their own versions of the poem. This is my version.

State of Grace

“Life will drag us through the mud, at times. There will be times when we’ll choke, almost. Almost, because we will rise back up.”

Heroin. You.

Falling in love and getting your heart broken. This personal blog is a heartbreak letter that contains all the words she couldn’t convey to him vocally. How could she…when she was burning alive.
“You were my pain, and yet my Heroin” she said.

The Unsent Letter

This Personal Blog is a letter that she writes to her late father, reminiscing all that her family had been through, in a world that had intended to break them apart.
A loss that can never be restored. A letter that can never be sent.


After spending all her life under the protective wings of her parents, she finally leaves for college. Experiencing a non-fairy-tale-world, reality hits her hard as she tries to come to terms with the way the world works. Innocent she was and tried her best to pull through the harsh reality.

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